About Us

Philip Miller CPA draws on a vast array of experience with more than twenty years of financial and executive leadership roles in high growth and start-up situations. The firm maintains a high level of professional standards in conformity with the American Institute of CPA’s. In addition to providing superior tax and accounting services to individuals, Philip has initiated and executed Initial Public Offerings (Micrografx NASD-MGXI & El Chico NASD-ELCH), and has worked with both Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young. He has been involved with companies which have raised over $100MM in venture capital.

Our Certified Public Accounting Firm provides accounting, tax and management consulting services that are tailored to your needs. In addition to working with individuals on routine tax and accounting issues, we enjoy working with start-up companies and entrepreneurs’ to help set up accounting systems which will allow them to grow.

We are a firm of 5 professionals located in Dallas, Texas. Including Philip, our firm employs three certified QuickBooks professional advisors.

While most of our clients are small companies (from zero to $500K in sales), we have helped several clients grow into multi-million dollar companies. One client started with us in 2005 with less than $800K in sales and last year they have turned into our largest client with over $200M in revenue. We set them up on QuickBooks online and managed the conversion to QuickBooks enterprise. Another client started with us in 2002 with less than 20 stores (which were all in Texas), and have grown to almost 100 stores in a dozen states with stores in Europe, South America and Asia. Philip understands the challenges of growing companies. He operates and provides exceptional value through responsive service and quality product.

Our practice has a successful track record in assisting small and mid-sized companies in all facets of business development, from basic accounting to strategic market analysis. We accomplish this by understanding each client’s individual needs and then implementing uniquely tailored services. Our primary goal is to provide clients with business, financial, accounting, and computer support, to enable them to focus on running their operation.

With our background and experience, we are confident in our ability to solve your current business and accounting problems and further your company’s growth through effective business planning and analysis.